Hops are our passion, our history and our future – so much more than just a job. We want everyone in the team to feel the same, and we will give them the best workspace possible to achieve that aim.

Regine BarthShareholder and manager

Modern workplace

Today at BarthHaas we are already offering the workspace of the future: A stylish campus equipped with the latest technology as well as space for relaxation has made coming to work a joy. Staff are not tied to their desks – they are free to chose when and where to work.

Working from home

Are you looking for a flexible workspace that adapts to your home situation? Perfect! Working from home is well-established here, giving you the opportunity to work for us wherever you are. Of course, we will provide you with all the technical equipment you need to set up your office.


We operate a flextime model that lets you adjust your working day to your home circumstances. That means that you can spread your working hours out flexibly throughout your day. Ideal for achieving a work-life balance with time for family and hobbies.


Our roots may be in southern Germany, but BarthHaas has put out branches around the world. From Nuremberg to Australia. As an international hop merchant with 12 sites worldwide, we greatly value our strong network for the best flavors.


With your personal IT equipment (mobile phone, laptop) you can work flexibly wherever you are. In addition, our digital systems are completely interconnected, making communication simple.

Mobile work

On the staircase, perched on a stool or snuggled up on the couch: Take your laptop and find your perfect space to work.

Air-conditioned offices

Today at BarthHaas we are already offering the workspace of the future: A stylish campus equipped with the latest technology as well as space for relaxation has made coming to work a joy. Staff are not tied to their desks – they are free to chose when and where to work.

Space to switch off

Would you like to spend your break in a more relaxed and inspirational atmosphere? Our relaxation spaces offer just that opportunity: You can kick back on your own, or chat with colleagues.


Your health is our top priority. Our “HopFit” team gives its all every day to ensure you stay fit and healthy.


If you like to get physical during your breaks, we have plenty of showers for you to cool off afterwards. After working out, you can go back to work feeling fresh and motivated.

Office wellbeing

Small relaxation areas are oases where you can shut your eyes and replenish your energy levels: peaceful couches, open-air terraces and massage chairs that are free to use.

Hops Academy

Whether hobbyist or professional, anyone can quench their thirst for knowledge in our Hops Academy. We have numerous courses, online and in-person, to learn about topics such as dry hopping. You can also train your senses and even qualify as a beer sommelier. There is something for everyone.

Skills and education

Understanding yourself and the business you’re in is key to our philosophy. So we offer in-depth learning in all the necessary skills. From commercial and business skills through to communications and self-management. The aim is to ensure that everyone understands their role and how they fit into the team and the business.

Personal appraisals

Where do I stand in the company and what are my opportunities for development? That is just one of the topics discussed at our annual staff appraisals. An honest assessment and personal reflection on achievements with line managers are a key tool for us to identify new areas of action and appreciate performance.

Further training

Would you like to learn new skills? You’ve found the right place! We are always thrilled to see our people take the initiative, and we will support your further training. We believe in your potential!


Welcome aboard! We have put together a special process to ensure you quickly feel at home when you join us. You will be assigned a buddy who will answer any questions you have.

Free drinks

We have an unbeatable range of drinks available. Find your favorite spring water: lightly naturally carbonated, still, or popping and fizzing with bubbles. Plus a large selection of soft drinks, juice, our non-alcoholic “hopinade” home brew and coffee. And once the day’s work is done, a range of specialty beers straight from the tap or in bottles from around the world.

VGN ticket

We will support you financially with the VGN Jobticket to get you to work in comfort. Our central location is well served by both bus and rail services right on our doorstep.


At BarthHaas we are big fans of our regional clubs and sporting heroes. We sponsor 1. FC Nuremberg, SpVgg Greuther Fürth and HC Erlangen.


You deserve a worry-free pension, so we will support you with contributions to an occupational pension plan. Questions? We can provide advice and information about pension issues.

Unternehmercampus Franken

BarthHaas is a member of Unternehmer Campus Franken, a local training and networking community supported by businesses in Franconia. It gives managers, key workers and talented individuals the chance to develop with long-term CPD courses.

Family company

BarthHaas gives impetus for taste and security. Our family started selling door-to-door in 1794 and over the intervening years has grown into an international firm. But our love of hops is just as important to us today as it was at the outset.

Time value

We offer the possibility to accumulate time value. You can put your extra hours, some vacation days or even parts of your salary into an account. That credit can be used for a longer hiatus or for an earlier start into retirement.

Above average wages

As flavor experts looking for the best hops, we have an important task that requires us to be at our best, day after day. At BarthHaas we recognize your commitment to excellence with an appropriate salary.

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