We help all in our team to discover opportunities for personal growth. What are your hidden talents and strengths? What skills and abilities do you require for work? What subjects will make you fit for the future? 

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What we do to help develop talent from within:

External sources and like-minded people

We greatly value impulses from the outside. They help us to refocus on our own objectives and permanently question our own performance. So we work with external sources and like-minded people from a range of backgrounds. The result is a constant supply of fresh perspectives for us to become even better.

Future workshops

Henry Ford once said, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” As a result we work constantly on making ourselves ready for the future, checking the relevance and viability of our processes, services and products again and again. Every member of the team is deeply involved in our future workshops to ensure that we remain successful in the years to come.

Future leadership

Talent coach, risk taker, networker – an effective manager has a range of roles and is a leader and a companion for the team. That is why we develop and encourage our managers to grow with the demands of their roles and activities and lead their teams to greatness.

Beer sommelier training

As hops experts for the best taste of beer around the world, you could say that a love of brewing excellence is ingrained in our DNA. Therefore, everyone in the team can access regular training at the BarthHaas Campus on the latest beer creations, and take part in an external beer sommelier training. Cheers!

Staff meetings

Talking helps. Not just that, most of the best ideas are formed by discussion when everyone can contribute their strengths. So we meet as often as we can, online and in person.

Cooperative innovation

Together, we can achieve more. To fully exploit our potential for innovation and take on ideas from outside, we join up with other businesses. Interdisciplinary sharing of experiences allows us to learn from each other and take up opportunities to educate ourselves together. The Unternehmercampus Franken, which we helped to create, is just one example. It focuses on personal development of participants to become sustainable, connected bearers of responsibility for the future.

Individual skills development

Cementing our strengths and opening up to new development opportunities – that is the aim for everyone in our team. Yet everyone’s path there is as individual as they are. So we work out personal development plans and offer our people the tools they need to work on their skills. That way everyone grows personally, and the team grows too!

A sustainable team

Since 1794 we’ve always believed in looking to the future. And as experts in hops as a natural product, we are particularly conscious of the challenges of climate change. We are committed to conserving special cultural landscapes.

Online training platform

Knowledge is good, but applied knowledge is even better. We offer a range of web-based training tools to help develop our hard and soft skills. The system is always available to keep everyone encouraged and up to date. So the whole team can continue to learn and improve around the clock, wherever they are based.

Love development? Welcome to our team!

Your chance is within reach – become a hop expert for the best tasting beer around the world with BarthHaas. We look forward to getting to know you.

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